Because colour should belong to everyone.


The way we choose paint colour hasn’t changed in a really, really long time. And until now that process has been tedious, overwhelming and, let’s face it, not a whole lot of fun.

Enter Coloursmith—world of simple, beautiful, personal colour. A world where you can forget trend forecasts and colours-of-the-year… and simply surround yourself with colour that you love. 

Because with Coloursmith, you can do away with endless swatches and obscure colour names and instead use your own life as inspiration to create your own personalised colour. 

And at the end of the Coloursmith journey, you’ll have created colour that you connect with—and that you can trust—because every Coloursmith colour is prepared and delivered by Taubmans, one of the oldest and most reliable paint brands in the market. 

Ultimately, Coloursmith is a story that starts with you and ends with colour—start creating today!

Coloursmith Test Pot

Create your personal paint colour and order a test pot.

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