Coloursmith Tools

When used in combination with the Coloursmith App, the Coloursmith Reader and Coloursmith Window greatly increases the colour accuracy captured from any object, image or surface.

Coloursmith App

Coloursmith Tools

Don't just choose paint colour... create it

Forget staring blankly at those endless colour walls trying to decide between ‘winter fog’ and ‘grey port’. Now you can create paint colour you’ll love by simply capturing it with Coloursmith.

Whether you’ve been inspired by something colourful you own—or matching an existing shade in your home—all you need to do is capture it, create it, name it… and then own it!

With Coloursmith, it only takes a few minutes to bring the colour in your life, to life.

Coloursmith Reader

For colour professionals, providing pin-point precision, the Coloursmith Reader accurately captures colour using its own LED light source, and a tri-stimulus XYZ sensor to ensure the closest colour match.

How to use a coloursmith reader

Coloursmith reader manual


Coloursmith Window

Small, but mighty. The Coloursmith Window calibration card, in conjunction with the Coloursmith App, increases the colour accuracy when using your smartphone camera to capture colour.

How to use a coloursmith window


How-to Videos

How to use the Coloursmith window
How to use the Coloursmith reader
Coloursmith Tools