Find the perfect shade with paint sample pots

July 27, 2022

Find the perfect shade with paint sample pots

Find the perfect shade with paint sample pots

Paint colours and shades can go through drastic changes from the application to the drying process. 

Whether you're touching up a room and want to match colours, or if you're planning on experimenting with a different paint colour, testing it on a small patch can calm the nerves and reassure you of the colour you’ll get in the end. Test pots are a great way to ensure you've found the perfect shade and finish.

Paint sample pots are also perfect for when you need to touch up a smaller area and a full pot of paint would be overkill.

Even professional interior designers swear by the paint sample pots to get it right. Watch why Carlene Duffy of Cedar + Suede recommends ordering test pots for colour selection in this one-minute video:

While test pots give you the freedom to try out different shades, it can be easy to order far more pots than you need. Use the Coloursmith Reader to get the colour right with precision and create the colours of your own, so you don't go on a test pot ordering spree. 

Using these tools, it's a breeze to capture the exact colour with pinpoint precision from any surface, object, or image. Just name the colour, order your sample paint pot delivery and try it out. Once you have the right shade, calculate the amount of paint you need using the free Paint Calculator from Taubmans. It's time to take your paint QR code to Bunnings, Bristol or Taubmans to order a full-size pot and get on with the job of realising your vision.

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