Top interior designers to follow for inspiration

June 16, 2022

Top interior designers to follow for inspiration

Top interior designers to follow for inspiration

Every time you want to paint your home interior and can't decide on the colours, don't you wish you could ask an accomplished designer? Whether you want your home to have a serene atmosphere, a modern design, or a contemporary look, you need to pay attention to a lot of detail to get it right. When it comes to the latest interior design trends, it's best to go right to the source.

We recommend you follow some of the most sought-after interior designers and their excellent work. This way, you have everything at your fingertips — the latest colour combinations, artwork, latest furniture and furnishings — all while keeping the design practical and functional. 

James Treble is an award-winning Interior Designer, media personality and Design Institute of Australia (DIA) Fellowship recipient. James is passionate about creating beautiful and highly practical living spaces. He is dedicated to sharing his decades of experience and stands out for his design expertise, knowledge and practical advice. You must check out his blog for tips on choosing the right paint colours

Carlene Duffy

Carlene is a designer, interior stylist and media personality. She leads Cedar + Suede, a full-service Interior Design studio and has featured on various TV shows and publications. The way she plays with colour and tone to imbue a space with personality makes her one of our favourite designers.

Zephyr and Stone

Zephyr + Stone is an interior design studio run by sister duo Ania Forster and Kasia Clarke. The sisters are best known for their Design and Styling tips, with thousands of followers tuning in across the platforms of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and their online blog. They specialise in kitchen, bathroom and laundry design and are regularly featured in the media giving design tips. 

Kyal and Kara 

Kyal and Kara began renovating over ten years ago when they purchased their first home. Kyal, having just completed his Carpentry Apprenticeship, and Kara, in her final year of university studying Physiotherapy, immersed themselves in after-hours work, creating their first transformation.

Fast forward a few years, and they've completed two reality renovation television shows, have regularly contributed to Network 10's The Living Room, and run a successful Design & Construction Business. We were lucky to get an up-close look into one of Kyal and Kara's renovation projects to share with you. 

Alisa and Lysandra

Design duo Alisa and Lysandra Fraser first came to the attention of the Australian public through their appearance, and triumphant win, on Australia's favourite renovation TV show, The Block, in 2013. Following this success, they founded Alisa and Lysandra Interiors in 2014, working on bespoke residential and commercial projects and collaborating with high profile brands. In 2018 the twins produced their first online series, The Design Duo, based on their multi-million dollar renovation in Albert Park.

Alisa and Lysandra have developed a unique design aesthetic that is minimalist yet luxe, masculine yet soft, and contemporary yet understated. They have become known for their distinct appreciation of impeccable quality and craftsmanship and highly tactile materials, and they unite together in a perfectly imperfect way.

Keen on applying some of the inspiration ideas from these designers in to your own space? 

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