15 Favourite Front door colours

April 07, 2022

15 Favourite Front door colours

15 Favourite Front door colours

What colour is your front door? Is it a front door that still makes you happy each time you enter it? To have your door stand out or not is always a difficult choice to make. Don't forget to think about how the paint colour will look when the door is open, it needs to carry through the house. It is not just a door; it is "The Door". Playful, gutsy, bold, soothing, happy, welcoming, or joyful — whatever be the emotion you want to bring out, there is a colour for your door.

The pumpkin patch

Talk about a progressive palette! Not too yellow and not too orange, this colour is more like a shade of pumpkin. When paired with a white exterior paint and black door frame, the intensity of Apricot Wine just explodes and adds passion, warmth and an inviting feel.

Out of the blue

Even the muted tones of the Glacial Blue stand out on a neutral facade. It evokes a relaxed vibe to be found within and beckons visitors to step in. Add a decorative glass for an elegant and striking feature panel to uplift the interior.

The lush entrance

Whether your exterior wall is a splash of white, a brick wall, or a charcoal grey, add some panache and liven it up with a bright Never change, Charles green door. Your door is sure to be the bright spot in the neighbourhood.

Make a striking entrance

A vintage front door in black makes a big statement. If the black is a bit too much for you, try a deep Suffragettes for a softer shade of black. Define the trim of your home entrance with a shade of white, and you have a striking entry door ready to impress visitors. Double doors have become a popular feature in Australian homes and have their own charm and grandeur. It is classy, pretty, and nicely complements any accessories you place in your foyer.

The door of royalty

There is something about the allure of the red door. It is a great way to contrast the muted exterior wall colours of the house and a fresh green landscape. Whether you want a formal-looking door or a cosy cottage door look, Heritage Red adds magic. This paint colour goes well with all door accessories, whether you pair it with a brass door handle for an antique look or a modern pull handle.

Go indigo

The colour simply looks rich and beautifully frames all sorts of decorative hardware. The Blue Cardigan colour looks more vibrant with the light bounces of its glossy finish. It works best when used with a neutral home exterior.

Out of the ordinary

Add another design element to your front porch with an elegant hand-forged wrought iron door. It adds a sense of security and enhances the look of your home. Paint it in White pearl to exude a friendly and inviting ambience, while a coat of White King Rust Guard® will ensure a long-lasting colour finish.

The black forest

If you are looking for a high-impact neutral look that works with a wide of home exteriors and interiors, black or charcoal is your colour. A black or charcoal front door make your home look classy and refined. Feeling Dark black is a sophisticated, bold colour you cannot go wrong with

Celebrate harmony

The earthy Sicilian Ocean Teal coloured front door modestly stands out in its surroundings. This colour fuses warm hues and cool hues, creating a well-balanced, charming look. It works both for both modern and traditional homes.

Keep it light and bright 

White is still the popular choice across Australia, and it sure makes a powerful statement. The Cottage cream goes well with almost any exterior or interior paint colour.

The coral addiction

The Pink Sky is a fanciful choice for front door colours. It brightens up the exterior of your home and adds a touch of whimsy. This shade of coral goes well with almost any front porch décor — add a potted plant, a climbing vine, or hang a copper lamp from the ceiling to complete the look. 

The tropical teal

Almost everything teal looks appealing, retro and playful. Paint your front door Havana Memories for a coastal appeal, and you will surely draw any passerby's eye.  

Rustic and natural

If you have a strong affinity for nature and your home interiors have an earthy and rustic vibe, then bare hardwood is the way to go. The timber wood door brings natural warmth to the front of your home. Pair it with a brass lantern and brushed metal hardware for a rustic and timeless look for your front porch.

The shades of grey

The muted grey is an excellent choice to go with the white exterior of the house. Trying to remain calm grey gives you many options for choosing door accessories and decorations. The grey colour is not just a mixture of black and white, try out Monster Leaf Green or Swiss Blue

Your front door carries a lot of weight when it comes to front porch appeal. The colour, shape, size of the panels, and material inject a lot of personality into the door to make a brilliant first impression.

What colour front door best sells a house?

he front porch appeal adds great value to a home's personality, and it is vital when you plan to put it on the market. So, which colour should you paint the front door to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. The consensus is that Black and Charcoal coloured doors add to the value and up the ante of your home's curb appeal. You may want to try out Retro Charcoal or Feeling Dark from Taubmans.

When painting a door, there are a few essential points to consider

All doors suffer from wear and tear, but it would help to consider important factors such as manufacturer warranty, light reflective value (LRV) of the colour you choose, and some tips from experts when painting the door.

When painting a new door, refer to the door manufacturer's warranty before buying your paint. They may have caveats around dark colours with an LRV less than 50 — this may void the warranty on the door as it could cause warping. Even though it is a new door, follow usual surface preparation and give the door a light sand and dust off prior to painting.

Are you repainting an existing door?  

With existing doors, it's always good to give the door an extra good sand to remove any runs and provide adhesion for the following paint system. As doors are prone to knocks and damage, use a suitable wood filler to fill up any cracks, dents or holes.  

Best practices to keep in mind, when painting a new or existing door 

  • Check out Taubmans Doors and Trims paints for a range of anti-microbial, washable and durable options available in 1000's of colours. Your selection is made easy with Taubmans Water Based Enamel paint designed for Doors and Trims.  
  • Always refer to the door manufacturer's warranty before you commence painting.  
  • Always remove the door fixtures such as the lock or tape them up to ensure you don't get paint on them. 
  • If you plan to use a roller to apply the paint on the broad flat surface of the door, we recommend buying a Microfibre Roller Sleeve, generally with a pile length of 4 - 10mm. 
  • Other essential tools you may require are drop sheets and a good quality brush (the size of the brush should be determined by what you feel comfortable with) 
  • Three coats of paint also help protect the underlying material — slowing deterioration and increasing the life span of your door. 
  • It is also good practice to paint the top and bottom edges of the door.