Two colour combinations for bedrooms walls

August 28, 2022

Two colour combinations for bedrooms walls

Two colour combinations for bedrooms walls

How to choose a colour for your bedroom

Did you wake up this morning and think it is time for a change in your bedroom's colour? There are hundreds of colour combinations to choose from when it comes to two-colour combinations for bedroom walls. We understand the confusion that comes with the wide range of choices. Let’s see if we can zero in on the top two-colour combinations that are trending this year. Whether you want to paint your master bedroom or a nursery, we have something for you here! Before discussing the colour combinations, let’s go over the basics.

Bedroom feature wall colours

A feature wall is a great way to create the right atmosphere in the bedroom. Bold colours and textures on the feature wall can make the room look big or small. Choose a wall that stands out and is not obstructed by furniture. You have five walls to choose from, including the ceiling. Read How to make the perfect feature wall  to keep in mind the do’s and don’ts when creating your feature wall.

Now, let's get down to choosing your colour palette.

Best colours for your bedroom

Choosing colours becomes easier when you stick to the basics. Let's look at how different colours affect our feelings; this is especially important in a bedroom.

Romantic colours for bedroom

Choose warm colours for passion and intimacy. If you have a spacious bedroom, warm colours such as shades of red, orange, and yellow can make it look cosy and welcoming. Warm colours make the bedroom or any space for that matter appear smaller, which can help prevent that under-furnished look that big rooms sometimes have. These colours pull the walls towards the eyes, so they work best as a feature wall and can create an alluring atmosphere.

Calm colours for bedroom

Cool and neutral colours, like light blues and pale greens, make your room appear bigger. If you have a small or narrow bedroom, cool colours such as green, blue, and purple are perfect for you, as they create a sense of space and serenity.

Best bedroom colours for sleep

Sleep is important for our physical and mental well-being. Did you know the colours in your bedroom can help you optimise your sleep? You may want to jump at certain colours and shades purely based on their aesthetic appeal, but if you’re trying to give yourself the best chance at a good night’s sleep, try to work in blues, greens and matte finishes to create a soothing retreat that isn’t overly stimulating.

Now that we have covered the basics, let's look at how to match the right colours for your bedroom walls.

The best bedroom colour combinations

Whether you are looking for romantic colours for the bedroom or colours that are soothing for a good night's sleep, these are combinations you can make your own.

White and teal bedroom walls

Want your bedroom to exude a calm and relaxing vibe? White and Teal is your combination. The Havana Memories adds a vibrant tasteful look to the room, and the Cotton Sheets White makes it stand out for all the right reasons. 

Blue and white bedroom walls

Literally Sky Blue and Alpine Snow White are a classic bedroom wall colour combination. This palette will work well in a master bedroom as blue is typically associated with peace and tranquillity, which are needed for a restful night's sleep.

Blue and White is one colour combination that can never go out of style. This combination makes the rooms look crisp, clean and Mediterranean. You could do a blue striking feature wall, making it a focal point for the bed and leave the other walls white. Add in some blue furnishing to complete the look. 

Coral and white bedroom walls

Something feels vibrant, bold, playful and happy about the Pink Sky Coral and Almond Paste white combination. A pop of bright coral has a surprisingly calming effect for a warm colour. This two-colour combination would work well for bedroom walls or the nursery. It adds a lot of personality to the room and is an easy colour when it comes to adding accessories to the bedroom; it will make almost everything you choose its own.

Mint green and pink bedroom walls

Freshen up your bedroom with soothing and fun pastels, Nannas and The Perfect Match pink. These delicate colours create perfect harmony in any space. The pink gives your bedroom a soft, bold and stylish look, while the green adds a lot of character. This colour works well for all age groups and would look great in a nursery. 

Teal and Coral bedroom walls

Perfect! This combination is wonderful for any room. The Pink Sky coral and Lost Jacket teal compliment each other so well that they bring out the best in each other, so the bedroom does not look over the top. It makes the room look both modern, rich and cool all at the same time. Imagine yourself sleeping peacefully in the aura of these colours.

Red and white bedroom walls

Thinking about romantic colours for bedrooms, the combination of Ocean Pearl white and Candy Apple red comes to mind. This combination will add classic elegance and style to your space. The red adds a deep passionate feel to the room, and the white balances it out with its relaxing vibe. The two feel right together.  

Black and white bedroom walls

Painting your bedroom walls Bauhaus Black is a bold move. All black may not be a good idea, though, as it will make the room look smaller, so pair it with Whisper White and see the magic unfold. You will be surprised at how these two contrasting colours attract and create a gorgeous black and white bedroom. 

White and grey bedroom walls

Concrete Love and Earl Grey complement each other well if you want to keep it light and bright. Grey bedroom walls may look very dull on their own, but this colour combination only enhances a space. A room with lots of natural light will only look much better. It is easy to work this classic and stylish combination into your home. You'd certainly get a good night's sleep with this bedroom colour combination.

Blue and Grey bedroom walls

Another colour that goes well with The Blue Cardigan is Osprey Egg grey. It is a very chic alternative. These colours will transform your bedroom so that it feels so comfortable and inviting — you'll want to spend all your time there. Style it with various textures and patterns to make it visually interesting. You are sure to settle into a good night's sleep in the cosy room these two colours will create.

Yellow and Grey bedroom walls

Another colour that uplifts the Retro Charcoal grey is Sunny Side Up yellow; the match is truly made in heaven. A bedroom decorated in these two colours will be very welcoming, bold and inviting, yet still very soothing for the eyes.

Grey bedroom walls

Grey is a very popular colour when it comes to bedrooms. Muted tones of grey go well with most other colours if you want a two-colour combination bedroom. The colours you choose will make your bedroom look classic or modern and playful. We have discussed some popular colour combinations with grey in this article, but feel free to try out other combinations. The wall colours will set the tone for your bedroom, so choose accordingly.

Green and white bedroom walls

If you want to create a whimsical bedroom, the China Beige white and 75 HEO green combination is what you need. A green accent wall is your gateway to new beginnings, combined with hardwood flooring it will accentuate the look and make the green and white walls stand out.

We are sure one of the combinations we shared must have tugged at your heartstrings. Now that you have selected the colour combination you want, the next step is to estimate how much paint to buy. The Taubmans Paint Calculator can help you calculate the amount of colour you need in 3 simple steps.  

Wall colour combinations are one way of adding zest to your bedroom. Who would expect that a combination of mint and rose could create a cosy bedroom? Or Teal and mink look so classy together. It is just about combining the right colours. If there are some colour combinations that you like but are not sure about, use the free Taubmans Colour Visualiser tool to see how the colours will look together in your space. You can also create your own colours on the Coloursmith website for free and then visualise them using the Taubmans Colour Visualiser. Your bedroom is your private place and deserves your attention when it comes to paint colours and decoration. It is essential that your bedroom looks pleasant and feels comfortable, so you’ll always have something to look forward to at the end of a long day.