Paint your home in the colours of your life

August 31, 2021

Paint your home in the colours of your life

Paint your home in the colours of your life

Your home is an extension of your personality so why wouldn't you personalise as much of it as you can from furniture to accessories and your impactful colour palette. 

Updating the colour palette of your space is one of the easiest ways to transform the immediate mood with little investment.

The 'soul' of your home often comes from the colours and the emotions they evoke. Whether your colours have were designed to induce relaxation or chosen for their significant meaning to you – colour will bring your space to life. Where and how you draw your inspiration from can come from anywhere: a beloved childhood memory, a feature piece of furniture, or simply a treasured family heirloom. Capturing and reproducing those colours can often prove challenging.

While colour matching has been available at paint shops for many years, it always had one major drawback: you had to take your item into the store to for scanning. Easy enough when your inspiration piece is portable, but capturing the colour of something bigger, limited your options.

Coloursmith by Taubmans is streamlining the colour matching process and taking it to the next level. Taking colour matching digital allows you to colour match from home or on the go. All you need to do is take a picture of the colour you want, wherever it is, or whatever it’s on, upload it and create a match.

Upload your inspiration via the Coloursmith website or on the go via the Coloursmith app on your smartphone or tablet (for Apple and Android). Coloursmith will generate a QR code that you can take into your local paint store or order a test pot directly through Coloursmith.

Accurate colour matching

The secret to accurate colour matching lies in colour measurement. Traditional measurement tools were typically reserved for professionals, but Coloursmith has developed a clever way to make highly accurate colour matching accessible.

Coloursmith Reader tool provides the next step of pinpoint accuracy. A smart, handheld colour scanner, the Coloursmith Reader considers the texture and ambient lighting to better replicate your colour. Once scanned, Coloursmith will generate your colour QR code, that you can bring to your local Taubmans Professional Trade Centre, Bunnings or Bristol store. Alternatively, you can shop online and get a test paint pot of your colour delivered straight to your door. Opening endless possibilities of colour creation at your fingertips. 

For that extra personal touch, you get to name your colour creation. Find out what inspired artist Isamu Sawa to create his own colour – Heritage Red.

Feeling inspired to create your own colour?

Visit the Coloursmith website to scroll through other creations or order the  Coloursmith Reader for your most accurate colour match yet.

Interested in the Coloursmith tools? The Coloursmith Reader is also available for purchase at Bristol, Bunnings stores, and Taubmans Professional Trade Centres.

Happy creating and happy painting!