How do you colour match your walls to your tile colour?

October 21, 2022

How do you colour match your walls to your tile colour?

How do you colour match your walls to your tile colour?

Tiles bring in a little bit of texture into any room, and they can be as basic or as over-the-top as you like. They are a vital part of decorating your kitchens and bathrooms. Let’s take a look at some decadent tile and paint combinations that are sure to convince you to add some colour and character to your indoor spaces. 

These super versatile styles give you room to choose colours to your taste and create a different look. Whether you want to go for a smart and elegant design, create a rustic space, or add a touch of the French provincial style – we have an idea here to inspire you. 

On cabinets, walls, your kitchen decor, or bathrooms, you will discover plenty of ways to bring the style of your choice into your space. Get ready to explore eight budget-friendly, classy, and full of character home decor ideas you can try with tiles and paint.

The striking contrast

Contrast can be created with colour combinations beyond black and white. In a warmer take on the style, a wooden floor balances Silvered Sage by Coloursmith painted walls with tones of welcoming textures. Timber and White kitchen countertops along with an on trend patterned tile contrasts well with the timber flooring. This low maintenance combination is sure to be a favourite for many and is a highly adaptable option for those seeking a striking yet timeless feel as this colour palette adapts to many kitchen and laundry settings.

Source: Kaboodle – Farmhouse Feeling
Wall Colour: Silvered Sage by Coloursmith

The classic black and white

A timeless combination you cannot go wrong with. Create a predominantly white background with white subway tiles and Sea Salt by Coloursmith painted walls. Add in black cabinets with a Black kitchen counter, and a muted grey washed timber floor, creating an understated yet stylish monochromatic look that allows for an injection of colour with your favourite kitchen accessories.

Source: Kaboodle – Monochrome Magic
Wall Colour: Sea Salt by Coloursmith 

Earthy Wall and Tiles

Jazz up your kitchen with a splash of Summer Sun Yellow or Ciao Yella coloured walls. Adding just the right amount of colour will make your kitchen POP!

Roof and Feature Colour: Summer Sun Yellow by Coloursmith

Matching walls and tiles

Create a stylish look by running colours throughout the space. You could try this look in your kitchen or bathrooms with a range of colour combinations. One combination you could try is a through and through Creta White by Coloursmith colour scheme. Take it further with furniture, flooring and even your kitchen splashback. 

Source: Kaboodle – A Class Act
Wall Colour: Creta White by Coloursmith 

When it comes to bathrooms, if you are looking to match your walls with your tiles, why not simply extract one of the colours out of the floor or splashback tiles to create your own colour. Bathrooms are a room that you can express yourself with colour, and tiles are a great place to start. Think tile then colour as you can have any colour you like with the use of Coloursmith. Try Caramel Whip by Coloursmith as a delicious colour to add warmth to your bathroom space.

Source: Kaboodle – Timber Tones Bathroom and Laundry
Wall Colour: Caramel Whip by Coloursmith

The Coastal Feel

Enhance the finish of your kitchen with bespoke Cool blues, soft greys, white and timber to create a lovely symphony of colour tones, evoking the coastal feel.  If you have a narrow or small kitchen space, the blue creates an illusion of depth. This versatile design combination can also be colour-matched with your living room décor to create a seamless layout if you have an open plan living room.

Source: Kaboodle – Contemporary Coastal
Wall Colour: Coastal Vibe by Coloursmith
Cabinet Colour: Fresh Coconut by Coloursmith

The Industrial Look

Get the clean industrial look in your kitchen with this hit combination. Combine fresh white cabinets, timber and white benchtops, timber flooring along with the rawness of exposed brick.  Offset this with Grey Licorice by Coloursmith or Steely Grey by Coloursmith to create a dramatic feel within your space.  If it’s a more subdued look you are after, try Basmati White by Coloursmith.

Source: Kaboodle – Industrial Charm
Wall Colour: Grey Licorice by Coloursmith

The French Provincial Look

Tiles in kitchens and bathrooms make the space stand out. Classic white tiles on the splashback walls matched with white tiles on the floor with Grey Vein by Coloursmith coloured walls are sure to elevate the look and create a timeless appeal.

Source: Kaboodle – Natural Elegance
Wall Colour: Grey Vein by Coloursmith

There are no standard rules for choosing a combination for the wall colour and tiles. There are so many options in colours, textures, sizes, and shapes that it can be challenging to make up your mind. Planning is the key to pulling off a successful aesthetic. Create your own colours, visualise the space with colours of your choice and estimate the amount of paint required using our tools. Alternatively, you can also choose to paint your interior ceramic tile, laminate and melamine surfaces, including shower recesses, benchtops, splashbacks and cupboards using White Knight® Tile & Laminate Paint. Tiles can add a touch of charm and character to the room when paired with the right wall colours – so experiment and see what works best in your space.

If you are feeling inspired to create your own colour, view our Coloursmith Reader how to video to learn how to create your own paint colour or view our Explore Color page for inspiring colours at

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Happy painting!         

Want to create your own colours? 

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